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Bioparc Valencia – experiencing nature!


"Bioparc" is the name of a new zoo that was opened in February 2008. It was set up by the city of Valencia in the Parque de Cabecera, which is located north of the gardens situated in the old riverbed of the Río Turia.


The "Bioparc" Valencia is a zoo of a new generation that is characterized by so-called immersion enclosures. They enable the visitors to experience animals in environments that were modeled after their natural habitats. These lifelike and species-appropriate enclosures allow a close contact with the animals, while visitors get to know the associated landscape and flora as well.



Covering an area of 100,000 square metres, the "Bioparc” displays fauna and flora and the different habitats of Africa, including a replica of the savannah landscape with zebras, antelopes, giraffes and rhinos. Even leopards, lemurs, hyenas, lions, hippos, porcupines, ostriches, elephants, warthogs, buffalo and other species can be observed in their individual habitats in this natural and leisure park.


An extension of the park is already planned: East Asia and the tropics of the New World will also be integrated. The set goal of the "Bioparc" is to promote more respect for wildlife and to raise awareness for the careful treatment of nature and its resources among the visitors. "Bioparc" supports conservation projects in Africa, is engaging in numerous breeding programs for the conservation of endangered species and uses solar energy for heating water.

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Visit the website of " Bioparc" Valencia" www.bioparcvalencia.es


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